2035: The last corporate office closes it’s doors, as the global workforce now operates remotely, via distributed individuals, small teams & entrepreneurial SMEs.

Humanity is no longer bound by the constraints of 9-5 work and outmoded industrial revolution ideology, thanks to the rise of exponential technologies, AI, distributed networks & virtual reality that now allow individuals to impact the world, doing work they love, from anywhere in the world.


How will the near-future of work become reality? Through the continued development of currently available exponential technologies. As the technology advances, and becomes more mainstream – through easier user interfaces – the future of work become more about remotely connected individuals, entrepreneurial opportunity and the complete disruption of old-world business models.

The world I wish to see come to life is one where we humans are more able to explore our authentic selves through our work – carving out more time for creativity, expression, imagination & exploring our passions.

The Near-Future of Work: A Vision of Freedom

The new definition of “work” will shift from something we “have” to do, to something we “want” to do – because it brings us joy, is connected to our purpose and personal vision.

Freedom Through Technology

AI, ML & Robotics will remove tedious work and dominate the “traditional” workforce – manufacturing, industrial production, calculation, legal, government, rote routine work.

3D printing will enable manufacturing and a massive rise in innovative production from home – creating a new generation of entrepreneurs and completely customised made-to-order products.

VR & AR will connect distributed teams in virtual boardrooms – creating fully global, project-based teams. Companies will no longer have staff, but will be legal entities (secured on blockchain) that bring individuals together to create agile delivery teams – completely disrupting the traditional business model.

Blockchain will act as custodian, security & distributor of digital funds between parties. Entrepreneurs will have access to micro-loans, instant transactions, secured payments & authenticated transactions – even in remote, developing countries.

Global internet networks (Google loon et al) connect the world with 10GB+ connections, removing the friction of file transfer, video lag, providing 24/7/365 connectivity to the global population. Entrepreneurs from previously developing countries come online, bringing new innovations, ideas and ways of thinking to the global marketplace. New products, services, and solutions to global grand challenges arise, creating unprecedented opportunities for individuals to create impact on a global scale.

Freedom Through Education

Anyone who wants to work, can. Education is freely available on the blockchain and internet – with lightning download speeds, and AI assisted learning. Literally any single person on the planet has access to best-of-breed education, tools, systems, software and computing power (quantum?) to power their dreams.

Opportunity at The Speed of Thought

The world of our near future is powered by technologies that remove the friction between idea and execution. What we think, we can create – in real-time, with velocity, to a global audience. The skills of the future will be authenticity, passion, big ideas & an exponential mindset.

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.#Winning #Blessed

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.
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