The share-of-mind battle of the 21st Century begins and ends with Attention.

How to grab it. How to hold it. How to convert it.

Welcome to the Attention Economy. Where consumers are more distracted than ever; their Attention split across multitude screens, devices, platforms, locations – millions is bytes of data streaming into their lizard brain 24/7/365.

The winners will be the brands best able to target their perfect customer in the right place, at the right time, with the highest value offer, in a way that speaks to the customer’s unique preferences, perceptions and desires.

This may be the biggest marketing challenge since slice bread took on toast.

The Distracted Content Multiverse

There are almost 8 Billion humans on this planet. 70% of them own at least 3 screens – TV, Computer, Mobile.

Many split their day between even more; moving from Apple to Android, to Netflix, to Smart Watch, to Gaming Console, to cable TV, from work Computer, to personal Laptop… Each device streaming terrabytes of data into the user’s consciousness.This is The Content Multiverse.

And it’s a place rife with distraction. The attention span of the average connected human is fleeting at best. We’ve become a society of breadth over depth. Deep learning is at an all time low – while the ability to multi-task, search and collate continue to increase (*97% supported by science. Fact).

With so much information passing through a user’s perception on a daily basis, the question becomes, How do we, as marketers, penetrate the distracted multiverse and grab enough Attention to create engagement – the first step towards conversion?

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.#Winning #Blessed

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.
#Winning #Blessed

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