How fast is the volume, variety and velocity of your personal data proliferating? Where do you need to sift through the noise and make key decisions more quickly and accurately?

Being able to make decisions in a Big Data world – where we are bombarded with millions of bytes of data every second – seemingly becomes more difficult as we accumulate, generate & consume more data. From social media feeds, to Netflix, to mobile notifications, reminders, emails, digital billboards, not to mention “normal” inputs like speaking to a friend, or using our 5 senses – our world is noisier than ever.

So how – and what – do we filter to make sense of our world, to aid decision making and make practical use of all this information? Machine Learning AIs might just be the answer.

The problem with data, is what do we choose to see? When and how do we consume it, and when should certain information be prioritised over others (for example, emergency alerts from medical monitoring devices)? After all, we are all different, and what we choose to filter is so essential to WHO we are, and our sense of identity that accurately selecting what to view is critical for our sense of individuality, self-expression & place in the world.

I think this is exactly the beauty of AI. Everyone has different noise cancelation priorities, and AI will deliver that – personalised data filtering, curation & delivery in just the right way for each of us. Based specifically on deep mining our personal preferences, past decisions, repetitive behaviours, actions, emotional state and biology.

With the ever-growing proliferation of data, being able to choose what we want to see, when we need to see it, in the format (and device) we want to see it on, is a process that AI and machine learning will do very well. Freeing us to explore our human lives – creative expression, meaningful work, imagination – with the freedom of knowing we will receive the information we need, when we need it.

I think more and more our notification preferences will become much more filtered, and deep learning AI (imagine the next generation Siri, Alexa, Sophia) will provide a mental calm for us busy, chaotic humans, by taking over a lot of the data processing and mundane ‘work’ of daily life.

Imagine a perfectly curated mental news feed, that ONLY gives us the information we want – without us having to instruct the system to give it to us. Truly predictive data supply would be a game-changer for the human:AI relationship. Making AI much more useful, practical and beneficial, as it would perform a service outside of our human capabilities.

This is where I can see AI becoming adopted more readily. When it performs useful functions, that amplify, augment & enrich our lives in ways we could not achieve without its processing, filtering and curation abilities.

How about you? When would AI become useful to you – where would it add the most value? And in what ways?

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.#Winning #Blessed

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.
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