What Types of Data would be most useful for You to run through AI analytics?

For me, in advertising/marketing, it would be business and consumer intelligence data. There are AI analytics products coming into the market rapidly at the moment, from AI marketing tools, marketing automation & AI-powered CRM – just google it.

For me personally, and for probably a lot of SMEs and entrepreneurs, I think the biggest challenge with AI right now is actually not having ENOUGH data. For most SME businesses there’s generally not enough data to warrant AI. Unless you have millions of data points, that are regularly (hourly, daily) updated, traditional algorithms will do the job.

Artificial Intelligence analysis, recommendation & prediction will become much more useful once personal human data is more readily generated and accessible (pending massive privacy issues of course!). If, as a marketer, I can tap into someone’s real-time biological data (understanding their emotional condition) it would provide incredible ability to deliver timely, high-value, personal and extremely optimised marketing.

I think this ability would shift the marketing paradigm, and hopefully, demand marketers to create much more authentic, high-value offers for their customers. Rather than the dystopian vision of using this hyper targeting and profiling capability to fire hose low-value, low-impact messaging.

So until my business has much more data generation, or the targeting capabilities of intelligence platforms enables me to target larger data sets, that might include biological factors, AI likely is not of much use – at least for right now.

However, I fully expect to use AI and machine learning in my business. Potentially I can see it being applied to digital marketing campaigns – over and above Facebook’s campaign recommendations, or tools like AdEspresso or Qwaya that do an amazing job of turning campaign metrics into useful optimisations.

Again though, unless I am running 4,000 ad variations across multiple channels, the existing tech stacks will do just fine.

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.#Winning #Blessed

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.
#Winning #Blessed

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