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Experience Strategy – or ‘XP’ Strategy – is a mechanism for mapping a business’ marketing & promotion activities against actual (data-driven) consumer behaviours, to achieve a specific (or many) desirable outcome.

A Customer’s interaction with a brand is made up of various Touchpoints – websites, physical product, advertising – the Customer Experience is how these touchpoints are connected, leading the customer on a journey from point A to point Z.

Experience Strategy lays out the ideal pathway from a customer’s first interaction to their last – ideally a purchase, conversion or desired business outcome. A successful strategy is like a story; an engaging narrative with a beginning, middle and end, that allows the customer to ‘choose their own adventure‘ whilst generating business results regardless of whether the customer choice (experience) is positive or negative.

The best strategy is invisible; allowing the customer to interact with autonomy – the brand appearing in singular moments to guide action, provide choice, support and nurture the customer’s own desires.

experience strategy

How consumers choose the brands and platforms that enable them to connect, communicate, experience & share, depends largely on the pathways provided to them by marketers. Experience Strategy is that pathway.

How Businesses Can Use Experience Strategy

About Experience Strategy and why it is importatn, and links to relevant articles  on this site. And takes readers through the most important aspects of the Topic.

A successful strategy is... an engaging narrative... that allows the customer to 'choose their own adventure' whilst generating business results regardless of whether the customer choice (experience) is positive or negative.

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