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Chris McLean
Chris McLean

Chris McLean

XP Strategist, Entrepreneur, Fur Dad

About Me

I’m a lateral strategic thinker who thrives on the complexities of turning consumer insights into game-changing vision for global Fortune 500 companies.

I specialise in Customer Experience, Digital Strategy, Future Vision & Design; understanding the consumer journey and translating insights into actionable, creative and innovative digital touchpoints. I have a passion for cutting-edge ideas and turning future vision into functional solutions that work today.

Finding new ways to tell brand stories in the ever-changing digital landscape, I believe in a digital-first approach to business strategy. I love creating narratives (stories) that speak to a brand’s future, yet provide tangible value in the here and now – head in the clouds, feet in the dirt.

At home I’m a full-time Fur Dad, providing Butler services to 4 cats and a pup named Misha.

I’m a non-conformist & adventurer at heart; you’ll find me getting fit, hanging off rock faces, traveling the world, consuming audio books & constantly evolving into my best self.

My Approach

I like to think of Customer Experience in terms of Storytelling – creating a great Experience is like crafting the perfect narrative. I think it’s important to take users on a journey, where they feel like they are autonomous in their choices – choosing their own adventure – as they interact with a brand over time. The brand should appear in micro-moments to steer the user’s actions towards brand outcomes.

My Story

I started my first digital agency straight out of University in 2002. A time before digital was “digital”, and Flash was still owned by Macromedia. Around 2009 the agency shapeshifted into a full service interactive agency, specialising in rapid-prototyping emerging technologies into functional, commercialised solutions. We aligned the agency on the bleeding edge of technologies like Augmented Reality, Gesture Control & Facial Recognition; eventually crafting custom gaming platforms, our own interactive content delivery platform, and a fully commercialised technology stack.

This is where my passion for emerging technology, and its impact on business and marketing, truly ignited.

Fast-forward to 2017. I consult to SME businesses in the UAE, provide brand coaching to entrepreneurs, build websites, and write about all things Customer Experience, Digital Strategy, Design & Technology.

Featured Skills & Endorsements

Digital Strategy

Integrated Marketing

Digital Media

Social Media Marketing

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About This Site

The XP Strategist site is a platform for the discussion of advertising strategy, customer experience, design, marketing and the world of tomorrow.

My vision for this site is to uncover insights about the current and future state of advertising. Where are we going and what does that mean for business.

I hope to discover the connections between the world we live in, the things we buy, the way we think and act as consumptive human beings.

I love investigating the Connections between the human experience and business logic. The context of this site is the crossroads of consumer behaviour and business strategy. The content covers everything from business tactics in a digital world, to the way technology is changing the human condition – and in turn the way we interact with the brands we love.

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