In 30 years, the year 2048… Daily life will feel wholly unfamiliar to today’s reality.


Daily work will not be in factories, cubicles, or even offices – instead we will co-create from cafes, beaches, rainforests, shared spaces and homes – connecting to clients, colleagues & distributed teammates globally through Virtual reality.


The repetitive tasks of work – calculation, production, tedium, minutia – will be handled by Robotic AI systems. Freeing the human workforce to use our innate human abilities – imagination, creativity, logic, cognition, empathy – to build better cities, innovate new products, serve common causes, shake governments, solve global challenges and think in wholly new ways – unencumbered by the tedium of “work”.


A global workforce of inspired, passionate, purpose-driven individuals, co-creating a future world. Coming together in virtual reality, connected to a global hive-mind in the cloud.


We travel at hyper-speed. Commuting no longer a chore, autonomous systems get us where we’re going. Freeing more time to read, download, build relationships. And explore more of the world, as borders dissolve and travel-times becomes irrelevant.


In a hyper-connected technological world, our humanity actually deepens, as we find new ways to connect, forced by overpowering technology to explore what it means to be human. The hive-mind supports our connectedness, empowering all humanity towards singular missions of peace, progress and oneness.


Individuality explodes as we explore identity in Virtual Realities – where everyone can become anyone. Cultures change, outmoded ways of thinking shift, traditions that no longer serve fall away, as a new consciousness and awareness rises.


Individuals and small groups impact the world order as much as governments and organisations – forcing massive disruption in both. Distributed security, cashless payments & blockchain security shift power from centuries-old institutions to the individual.


Synthetic biology lets us live longer, healthier, more productive lives. Neuro-technology makes us smarter, more creative.


Green tech lessens our impact on the planet, creating new sustainable energy sources. We become caretakers of the planet – and its animal population – no longer seeing them as fuel sources for consumption, but as equal inhabitants worthy of long, safe, happy lives.

Synthetic biology enables us to feed the population with lab-grown meats, disease-repellant vegetables and genetically modified foods – synthesised to meet our individual nutritional needs, based on our unique DNA makeup.


All of these impacts converge to create massive Abundance across our planet. Reducing centuries-old global challenges such as poverty, access to clean water, access to basic medicine, prevention of major diseases, drought, famine and overpopulation.

Exponential technologies are opening the doors of perception and allowing this generation, and those to come to not only imagine a better world, but to create it – from their laptops, co-working spaces, crowdsourced science labs and virtual classrooms.

Abundance for all is possible, and it is coming faster than you might imagine.

image credit: Photo by Francisco Gomes on Unsplash
Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.#Winning #Blessed

Oh Hey! You Clicked It...OMG.
#Winning #Blessed

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